How to make your GPT more human-like?

Without a human touch, AI-generated content can have negative effects. Let’s see why ?. Don’t miss pro tips below!

Arjun Choudhary
4 min readMar 15, 2024

60% of business leaders, including myself, use AI tools for content marketing. The trend is rising because these tools offer efficiency, speed, and convenience.

AI content creation tools changed the game, but as I produced more content, it didn’t get daily views or rank well on search engines. Everything seemed to decline.

When I sensed something was wrong, I began reading more articles about it. I discovered that AI content without a human touch did not perform well and did not rank well on search engines.

I spent over a week figuring out how to make my GPT more human-like, and finally, I succeeded. Now, I want to help you achieve the same without spending another week. Let’s check how ? —

What gives human writing its unique charm and relatability? —

Human writing connects by tapping into shared experiences, subtle details, and personal expressions, creating a unique voice.

Sharing experiences, providing context, and critical examination build rapport and trust with readers, sparking interest and emotional responses.

Alternatively, AI lacks originality, can be biased, and adds little to conversations.

Why does a lot of AI content lack flavor and feel distant? —

AI text generators make boring content because they focus on stats, not human feelings.

They create dull, copy-paste stuff without context or friendly talk, making it seem cold and robotic.

Here are 5 simple tips to make AI content more human and keep your own style —

You can make AI content more human with simple steps: include your experiences, adjust the language, train AI to mimic your style, and edit content for consistency.

Explore these tips and more with me. —

  1. Include your own experiences and stories. —

Share personal experiences for authority and relatability in AI content. It quickly connects with readers.

For example : — A while ago, I handled a tough marketing project for an e-commerce app focusing on unique design.

Why it works: — This example showcases your expertise through a real success story, demonstrating your firsthand experience.

2. Use emotive words to create the right atmosphere. —
Add emotion to your AI content for better engagement. Use humor, passion, frustration, or excitement when it fits.

For example: — In a lively Starbugs café in Mumbai, the scent of fresh coffee blends with the city’s awakening sounds, fostering an atmosphere of excitement and joy.

Here’s how: — Add descriptive words to your AI text. Use adjectives that describe the senses: touch, taste, sound, scent, and sight. Make sure they blend well for a vivid picture.

3. Be clear about your prompts and the tone you want to achieve. —

Keep it simple with AI: Be clear about what you want. If you like a casual, funny style, say so. The more specific, the better the AI matches your voice.

For example prompt: —
Please craft a paragraph about (insert topic) within (x) words.

4. Use AI for research, not writing. —

Ask AI for bullet points or data instead of full paragraphs. Then, use your voice to shape the content, adding in the AI’s info as needed.

For example : — If you’re writing a technical guide, ask AI for data and statistics.

5. Verify your content and refine. — AI is a useful writing tool, but it’s not perfect. Double-check its content for errors and inconsistencies, then edit as needed to enhance quality.

Here are some editing tips: —

  • Avoid repeats
  • Soften language
  • Be cautious with absolutes
  • Check facts

Pro Tip — Always Use AI checker tools Here’s a list of tools I use daily —

AI content detector tools review content to check if it’s made by AI. This helps avoid spam detection by Google and assesses the human touch in edited content.

Here are some powerful tools I use for AI content checking. —

  1. Copyleaks
  2. Winston AI
  3. Crossplag
  4. GPTZero
  5. Sapling AI Detector
  6. Content at Scale
  7. Writer
  8. Originality.AI
  9. Kazan SEO
  10. Undetectable.AI

Don’t forget about ChatGPT-Humanizer-Pro.

Conclusion —

In today’s AI-driven content world, keeping your unique voice and adding a human touch is crucial.

To make the most of your GPT, try adding personal stories and feelings, and also use it to help with research.

By implementing these approaches, you can infuse GPT with greater human-like characteristics, enriching the quality and authenticity of your content.

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