Wow Future: OpenAI’s Sora Redefines Video Generation, Shifting Our Reality!

Let’s see how OpenAI’s Sora is changing the reality of video generation to the next level you’ve never seen before

Arjun Choudhary
3 min readFeb 27, 2024

What is OpenAI’s Sora?

A few days back, OpenAI announced the most important AI model yet in 2024: Sora, A cutting-edge text-to-video Generation Model,

It not only creates videos but also offers advanced editing features and can even simulate the digital world.

Sora can create top-notch videos with varying aspect ratios and resolutions, maintaining high quality and fidelity.

This kind of technology has real-world implications. It may disrupt existing industries, impacting content creation and production.

I watched a video created by Sora from OpenAI. It appeared incredibly realistic, mind-blowing, and Sora seems much better than Pika Lab or RunwayML.

Sora’s motion generation some example —

  1. Several Giant Wooly Mammoths.

2. Drone views of waves, crashing along the rugged cliffs of big.

3. A beautiful girl walks on Tokyo street in a red dress and black glasses.

4. A super close view of an eye(Extreme Close Up of an Eye )

Explore the range of videos Sora can create! hit the below link —

This is first time i m seeing AI Generated video that feel real even the best

I’m thinking about the potential issues of people making quick videos about anything, but I’m also imagining the wonderful ways it could spark creativity.

I’m excited to give it a try!

Sora can create videos up to 1 minute long, including complex scenes. You can find examples of videos generated by Sora on its official page.

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